Friday 7/9 Open Gym Cancellation

July 8, 2021

Sorry we have to do this again, but open gym Friday 7/9 will be cancelled

We have attached a volleyball workout in this post for you to do in place of open gym this week.  These are all exercises you can do at home that don’t involve any equipment.  It should take between 45 minutes to an hour to complete.  Make sure you get a solid warm up in and watch any videos for exercises you are unsure how to do properly.  If anything hurts beyond normal amount of soreness while exercising then stop doing that exercise immediately.  Make sure you take time to do a proper cool down and stretch at the end of the workout as well.

The workouts will be listed in a super set format.  Complete the first exercise then the second & third exercise in the circuit, rest a minute, then repeat the circuit for however many rounds it recommends.  Work hard and try your best!  Let’s work on getting just a little bit better every single day.

Warm up:

Knee hugs

High knees



Air squats

Toy soldiers

Arm circles (forward, backward, big, and small)

Circuit 1- Cardio/Legs (3 Rounds w/ 1-2 minute rests between rounds)

1. 20 yard sprints (to make these more difficult try sprinting uphill)

2. 10 squat broad jumps (try doing these in succession and for more of a challenge try doing these uphill) (

Circuit 2- Leg strength/Quick twitch muscles (3 rounds w/ 1-2 minutes rests between rounds)

1. 16 split jumps (8 each leg) (

2. 10 180 degree squat jumps (

3. 15 lateral high jumps (

Circuit 3- Upper body (3 rounds w/ 1-2 minutes rests between rounds)

1. 10 push ups (to make it easier you can do knee push ups, to make it more difficult try increasing the number of reps)

2. 15 tricep dips (

3. 5 each Y,T,W,L shoulder exercises (

Circuit 4- Core (3 rounds w/ 1-2 minute rests between rounds)

1. 10 V-ups (to make it easier you can just lift your legs and keep your back on the ground) (

2. 15 Russina twists (both sides, to make it easier you can keep your feet on the floor.

3. Planks (aim for a minute plank & 30 second side planks both sides)

4. 10 Supermans (

Hope you enjoy! Let us know if you have any questions or would like more volleyball type workouts.  

Thank you for your patience, and we hope to see you all in the gym soon!