Will there be cuts?


While we wish we had the resources to take all players, volleyball is very popular in Exeter and unfortunately there will likely be cuts and they could happen at all grades.  We ask all parents to prepare their daughters for that possibility and let them know that giving their best effort should never be looked upon as a failure.  We like to remind players that many a great player was initially cut from their high school team.   Try hard and regret nothing!

Often times we have parents and players come out for volleyball because they perceive it to be the “easiest” of the sports.  It is my experience that those players are shocked at what is required of them when they arrive.  Tryouts will be rigorous and volleyball is a demanding sport that requires fine motor skills, physicality and stamina.  We strongly recommend players come to tryouts fit and having practiced over the summer to reduce the risk of injury and  improve their chances.

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