What do I need for Tryouts?


You must have completed the forms and instructions found here: http://ehs.sau16.org/ehs/athletics/forms.cfm

Forms include:

1.    Mandatory Items

a.    Medical form (you must have a physical exam from your doctor that is less than a year old upon attending tryouts.

b.    Emergency Form and Release (signed by player and parent)

c.     Player’s Code of Ethics (Contract) (signed by player and parent)

d.    Confirmation that you have seen the sports video offered by the Athletic Department

2.    Other Things to consider or bring

a.    Sneakers (preferably Volleyball Sneakers or non marring cross trainers) (Please do not wear your sneakers to the gym, players typically carry sneakers and wear sandals, flip-flops, etc.).

b.    Knee pads (optional but recommended, especially for Freshmen players)

c.     A T-shirt and spandex or shorts.

d.    A water bottle

e.    A great attitude and a the ability to have fun and try hard!

3.    What not to wear!

a.    Jewelry or piercings of any kind (hair ties and flat barrettes are OK.  Medical or Religious medals must be taped to the skin)

b.    Ripped clothing of any kind.

c.     T-Shirts with inappropriate logos or sayings (We’ll know it when we see it).

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