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Always an interesting topic of discussion.  Decisions about playing time will vary with each coach.  Attitude, ability, effort, loyalty and dedication are all factors that can affect playing time.   We also take into account the age level at which they are coaching when making playing time decisions (i.e. the younger the age group, the more consideration for playing time).  Remember too that players will enter and exit the game during a set or match based on their position (some players play back row only, and some play front row only).  We consider this PLAYING TIME!!  🙂 .

Playing time is not guaranteed at any level however we (the current coaching staff) have a general guideline.

  • Freshmen Level
    • Generally, all players should expect to play during matches and playing time is distributed on a fairly equal basis.  There are circumstances (especially at the Freshmen level) when players are not ready to play yet and a coach may choose to preserve confidence over playing time.
    • By the end of the season (the last few matches) Coaches will begin to play more competitively in hopes of preparing players for the next level (JV or Varsity).
  • JV
    • Players should generally expect time equal to their peers for the first 1/2 of the season except as noted above (players being ready and/or eligible to play).  In the third quarter of the season, the Head Coach will likely look to be more competitive while still attempting to get play time for everyone.  In the last quarter of the season the coach may choose to play competitively throughout (some players may not play in matches).
    • We believe this is a good way to prepare players for the Varsity Level and life in general.
  • Varsity
    • Playing time is simply not guaranteed at the varsity level.  With that said; We believe players participate in High School sports to learn and to compete.  Everyone is deserving of opportunity and every effort will be made to provide opportunity whenever prudent or possible.  There will be times when players do not get in matches.  In fact there may be several matches in a row where players do not play.   Players and parents should know that a team is the sum of its parts and whether you play in a match or not, the effort each individual gives to the team at practice or at matches is valued and contributes directly to the success of the team.

All decisions are made on a case by case basis and at the sole discretion of the coaching staff.   We promise to commit to the best possible combination of fairness and education while honoring the competitive nature of the sport.  Please do not discuss playing time with coaches on match days but rather wait 24 hours to contact the coach and set up a meeting.  Please also understand that based on our philosophy, conversations about playing time will be short.  Based on our experience and compared to our counterparts in the league, we believe this to be an extremely reasonable philosophy.  Thanks for your support.

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